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The Test





Our practice uses the Woodcock Johnson Version IV  - New Zealand Adaptation Test. This is a comprehensive test including Tests of Cognitive Abilities, Test of Achievement and Test of Oral Language. The Woodcock Johnson Test is suitable for 2 to 90 year old's, and allows accurate assessment and reporting at all levels of ability and achievement. The test is commonly used to diagnose learning difficulties (such as Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Dysgraphia), giftedness and/or twice exceptionality (2e). Testing can also indicate concerns such as Dyspraxia, ADD, ADHD, high functioning autism (formerly termed Asperger Syndrome), central auditory processing disorders, visual processing difficulties, and fine motor concerns, with appropriate recommendations and/or referrals regarding these. The test's high ceiling levels allow accurate results even for children achieving well outside their age norms. The test is fully standardised.






We aim to ensure that each child/individual enjoys and is empowered by the testing process, which allows us to achieve the most accurate and beneficial insights.









The test takes 3 to 3.5 hours and is conducted in a one-on-one environment with the child/individual and assessor to ensure compliance with standardisation. Each task is only around 3 to 7 minutes in duration and they vary between listening, looking and doing so the time goes quickly for the student. Breaks are taken as necessary and it is suggested that you bring a snack and drink on the day. Our assessor has over 10 years experience assessing children, teenagers, and also adults.










Each child/individual is unique









We pride ourselves on taking a 'big-picture' approach. To ensure we gain maximum insight into each individuals abilities and needs, we not only tailor the testing but also consider caregiver's input. When you make contact we will send you a caregiver's questionnaire covering social, emotional and intellectual aspects of your child's development from birth to current day. The questionnaire is quick to complete, we ask that you return this along with your child's most recent school report (if applicable) and two work samples. The preferred samples are a raw sample of handwriting and something of an artistic nature - these don't need to be your child's best pieces, just a typical example is most helpful. For adults being assessed an adult questionnaire is sent for completion and return prior to the assessment.





On The Day





Caregivers are invited in initially for the first few minutes with the child so that the process can be explained, this also enables rapport to begin to be established with the child and for 3 to 3.5 hours the child is welcome to bring a snack and drink with them, and breaks are taken as necessary. Caregivers then wander off, leaving a cellphone contact number. On return at the end of the testing, caregiver's are again welcomed in and brief initial feedback is offered. For adults being assessed, an overview will be provided at the end of the assessment and more information will be provided in the formal report.





After The Test





Following on from the assessment we will put together a formal and comprehensive report outlining your child's or an individuals unique abilities and learning style, hence specific learning needs. This will prove insightful and useful for you as caregivers, and advocates, to pass on to all those involved in future education. We will endeavor to have the report with you within 28 days of the assessment.





The report will:





  • Assist you in establishing a relationship with schools/teachers/tutors.
  • Assist you in having your child's or own needs met.
  • Assist you in applying for reader-writer or other specific assistance.
  • Indicate the need for any specific tutoring programmes and/or extension.
  • Indicate any visual and auditory concerns and make appropriate referrals.
  • Indicate any other social and/or emotional concerns and make appropriate referrals.










The Cost





The cost of the assessment is $1250 plus GST, so $1437.50 (for new bookings from August 2023). This includes the standardised testing, reporting and all communications following the assessment. You will find this is a very competitive rate for a comprehensive assessment such as this. An invoice will be provided at the time of the assessment. Online banking is the preferred method of payment please.









Chris Herbert (he/him)


N.Z.C.E.R. (Level A, B, Csp, C)

SPELD (NZ) Registered Assessor





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